CQI & IRCA Certified Courses

Exciting new portfolio of modular training courses for the quality and auditing professions, delivered by Approved Training Partners.
CQI IRCA Courses

IRCA and CQI Foundation Courses

FD102 Introduction to Problem Solving

Fundamental tools and techniques for problem solving

FD103 Introduction to Risk management

Structured methodology for risk management across a range of organisational contexts

FD104 Introduction to Change Management

Key considerations and approaches to enable effective change in organisations

FD105 Introduction to Product and Service

Gain awareness of the tools and methodologies for Product and Service Management

FD106 Introduction to Process Design

Understanding of customer and stakeholder requirements and define standardised processes

FD107 Introduction to Management Systems

Provides delegates with an awareness of management systems in general.

FD108 Introduction to Stakeholder Communications

Key skills in communicating and negotiating across a range of organisational contexts.

IRCA and CQI Practitioner Courses

PT202 Managing Process Performance

Develop the capability of leading teams in the development of management processes

PT203 Managing Management Systems

Gain the practical skills to support the development of management systems and associated management processes

PT204 Change Management and Continual Improvement

Management of change within the context of process management and improvement

PT205 Managing Problem Solving

Practical skills development to lead a problem solving team in the application of the key tools

PT206 Managing Supply Chain

Gain skills to manage a broad range of supplier activities, measure performance, manage supply chain risks

PT207 Managing Customer Excellence

Iidentify different types of customers and stakeholders, gain insight into their requirements.

PT208 Managing Quality Planning

Manage the early phases of the product/service lifecycle and work with teams to deploy an integrated project based approach

PT209 Managing and Influencing Stakeholders

Effectively apply a range of tools and techniques when working with customers, stakeholders, top management and external providers/suppliers