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DNV GL delivers training services in more than 40 countries around the world. Each year we train more than 40,000 individuals in their preferred language. We have been educating Australian companies for more than 10 years, conducting more than 60 courses each year on average and qualifying thousands of professionals. Our local training offerings are globally governed. Governance is coupled to both trainer competence and content of the training. 

  • We create learning experiences that will have an impact on your business results, support sustainable development and help you meet new challenges. 
  • Our courses empower you to search for more efficient and effective ways of operating. 
  • Our qualified auditors and trainers are familiar with the elements of a wide range of companies and industries.

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DNV GL Training Formats

Online Training

Our online training courses have been developed to improve growth, development and continuous improvement within your organisation. E-Learning with DNV GL demonstrates the compassion of our team of 16,000 professionals worldwide that help organisations achieve their business objectives and manage change. 

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Public Training

Through our training courses you will be better equipped to implement and certify your management system by turning risks into rewards. The DNV GL Business Assurance team is available to help! 

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In-house Training

There are many benefits for holding a training course at your premises. We can arrange one of our highly-qualified trainers to meet with you and your team, regardless of what type of training you require. DNV GL offers a wide variety of courses that include transition, foundation, internal auditor and lead auditor training courses.  By holding an in-house training course your staff can attend on your premises. In-houses courses are a great advantage as delegates can engage in informative sharing during the course. Peers will be able to understand and assess each other’s experience with your current system, which in turn will be able to support the new system that your team will collaboratively create. In-house training courses encourage teamwork and can increase the productivity of creating a new management system that is aligned with all your employees.  

An in-house training course is a more cost-efficient option for your company. Instead of spending on the travel of your employees to attend one of our public courses, our highly-qualified trainers can come to you. By holding an in-house course, the time it takes to travel is cut down too.  Finally, in-house courses allow our trainers to fully understand the needs of your organisation and what your company wants to get out of the training. We can tailor the course to suit your current system. As such we will craft case studies that your employees can relate to. Tailored case studies have shown a higher level of engagement within our in-house training courses as your team can gain real-life experience that will improve your system. Send us an enquiry about organising an in-house training course at your premises.

Courses related to ISO standards

DNV GL offers four types of options for their training courses:

Transition Courses

DNV GL has over 10 years’ experience assisting organisations with migrating to new standards. We understand the need to upgrade and want to support your organisation with the transition. These courses cover the reasons behind the development, an overview of the standard and will guide you to transition. DNV GL can provide you with the smoothest transition and will assist you with implementing your new management system so that your organisation can be safer, smarter and greener. If you are already an auditor (internal/external), this is an excellent opportunity for you to refresh your knowledge and skills related to updates in the new standards and upgrade your formal qualification.

Foundation Courses

The purpose of DNV GL’s foundation courses is to equip you with the skills to understand the purpose of the standard and its principles. By attending these courses, you will gain knowledge and skills related to fundamentals of a specific subject area and relevant standard such as Quality (ISO 9001), Environmental (ISO 14001), Information Security (ISO 27001) and Health & Safety Management Systems (ISO 45001 / AS 4801). Our foundation courses will take you through the requirements of the latest version and help you to understand what needs to be considered when developing a management system to meet the high-level structure requirements. If your organisation requires an employee to become an internal auditor or a lead auditor, DNV GL’s foundation courses fulfil the CQI-IRQA pre-requisite entry requirements for these courses. 

Internal Auditor Courses

DNV GL’s superior internal auditor courses provide you with the skills necessary to plan and execute internal audits. It provides you with an opportunity to gain knowledge and skills to become an internal auditor and helps you to prepare yourself and your organisation for the upcoming audits. Our internal auditor courses will present you with the principles and benefits of the standard and importance of auditing a specific type of management system. You will be able to identify quality processes within an organisation and conduct value-added audits and reports to aid enhanced system performance. Our IRCA certified trainers will teach you the correct application of accepted audit protocols so that your employees and organisation can reap the benefits.

Lead Auditor Courses

The lead auditor training courses held by DNV GL are for those who intend to perform external audits. Our IRCA certified trainers will show you how to plan and conduct audits, value-added audit reporting and follow ups. A unique element about this course is that you will learn about the importance of audit communication and how you can adapt your risk based thinking process to the industry you are auditing. Essentially, it is important to understand what an audit is and why they are necessary. DNV GL will teach you this while also explaining what management systems are. Finally, our trainers will explain the requirement and purpose of a specific standard from an auditing perspective. A lead auditor course is the gateway to become a CQI-IRCA certified Lead Auditor as per the new standards.