Job Active - Quality Assurance Framework Principles

ISC is one of the few Conformity Assessment Bodies (CAB) working with Dept. of Employment, from initial concepts of DSS standards including new NDAP and NDS standards, through to the Quality Assurance Framework.

Jobactive Quality Assurance Framework (QAF) - What’s It All About?

All Jobactive providers are required to undergo an independent assessment - ensuring compliance with the Department of Employment’s Jobactive Deed.

Benefits of Certification:

  • Clients are assured that organisation meets the highest standards
  • Our independent review supports continuous improvement, helping you identify strengths and weaknesses within your organisation
  • This helps you contribute to the overall professionalism of the sector
  • Helping you to show your compliance to the Jobactive Deed.

How Does The Certification Process Work?

  1. Select Quality Standard & Quality Assurance Framework principles -
    Email: elizabeth.bryce@dnvgl.com
    Call: +61 2 9922 1966
  2. We will clarify information provided then send a customised quote
  3. We will help you to schedule audit dates and create an audit plan
  4. Initial Audit will be conducted in two stages
    a) Stage 1 – Document Review
    b) Stage 2 – Full Certification Audit
  5. We will send you a comprehensive audit report - highlighting your organisation’s compliance, strengths and areas for improvement
  6. Ongoing Compliance - An annual surveillance audit is required for the chosen Quality Standard, biennial audits are required for the Quality Assurance Framework to maintain certification.

What is a Quality Standard?

In addition to implementing the Jobactive Quality Assurance Framework, the Department states that certification to a Quality Standard is also required. The approved standards include:

  • ISO 9001
  • National Standards for Disability Services (NSDS)  
  • NESA’s Employment Service Industry Standard (ESIS)  

Human Services Experience That Counts With ISC – A DNV GL Company

  • 15 Years of Human Services sector experience
  • Actively contribute to standards working groups, the writing of standards and participating in pilot programs.
  • Have built a team of highly qualified team of Technical Experts and industry recognised Lead Auditors who understand the human and
  • economic side of Human Services certification.
  • ISC – A DNV GL Company are one of the few Certification Bodies accredited by JAS-ANZ to provide certification to all accredited Human Services Schemes
  • Since the formation of the Quality Assurance Framework standard, ISC – A DNV GL Company has actively supported the Jobactive program
    – Managing client pilot programs
    – Actively participating in Panel Programs
  • ISC – A DNV GL Company remain one of the few certification bodies authorised by the Department of Employment to audit to the new Jobactive QAF standard

ISC – A DNV GL Company works with varying-sized clients in the Human Services sector, this helps us to understand your unique requirements from an

industry, regulatory and economic perspective.

Your Key Dates & Next Steps

For compliance to the new Jobactive QAF standard, the Department of Employment has published the following deadline dates. With few certification bodies approved to audit to the new standards, providers are likely to miss the scheme cut-off date. “To ensure you don’t miss the scheme deadline, ISC has now opened our audit schedule for 2016. We are now accepting audit request dates.

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