Workshop on transmission cable failures, their causes and preventive actions

Closed workshop on HV and EHV power cable system reliability for TSOs

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Irene Heunks Irene Heunks
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Power failure investigation

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    Arnhem, Netherlands

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    EUR 4000 per company, maximum of 3 participants per company

DNV GL Energy (formerly known as KEMA) is organising a (closed) workshop on HV and EHV power cable system reliability for Transmission System Operators (TSOs) on 23 and 24 November 2017 in Arnhem, the Netherlands. 

Despite improved testing due to international standards, unfortunately cable system failures still happen. An important step towards a “better world” is to share knowledge and experience. It is not easy for one single network owner to collect sufficient experience to build up related knowledge (background, statistics, remedies, etc.) to significantly improve failure statistics, taking into account the many concepts, suppliers and failure modes. It has to be considered that many failures have a different root cause, which explains the diversified attention for the subject. Furthermore, it is obvious that knowledge of the root causes of problems is indispensable for achieving effective remedial actions.

The purpose of this workshop is therefore to combine the experiences of various TSOs, together with in-depth, independent and (anonymised) advanced knowledge from DNV GL (from many decades of failure investigations, laboratory tests and fundamental studies on degradation and failure modes), in order to help the TSOs improve the network reliability. Intended participants are exclusively TSOs, from various countries around the world that appreciate these benefits and are willing to cooperate, under the clear commitment that knowledge exchanged between all participating companies will be considered as highly confidential. After the workshop, besides agreements for follow up, DNV GL will provide all participants with a summary of the presented failure cases, their root causes and related mitigation actions. 

To summarise

HV and EHV power cable system failures and improved reliability 

workshop to exchange confidential knowledge and experience on power cable system failures 

one company has limited experience to build up sufficient knowledge to improve reliability 

TSOs all around the globe 

Arnhem, the Netherlands

23 November 2017 – 24 November 2017 (2 days) 

EUR 4000 per company, maximum of 3 participants per company 


  • A unique chance to get access to DNV GL’s confidential, but completely anonymised, knowledge and experience on cable system failure causes and related preventive actions
  • A special opportunity to exchange relevant failure information with other TSOs 
  • The meeting is only for selected people from TSOs who are familiar with the subject 
  • Visit to DNV GL (KEMA) testing laboratories (High Voltage and High Power) 

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