Building Information Modelling Certification

Building Information Modelling certification

Work with us to grasp the big opportunities of BIM

BIM (Building Information Modelling) is the future of construction. If you work in the sector, you need to get to grips with it and start taking advantage of its many opportunities. DNV GL can be your partner on the BIM journey. We’ll work with you to find out what you need, draw up a proposal and then conduct a compliance audit (or audits) against the requirements of the relevant standard(s), leading to the award of an independent third-party BIM certification. 

Which BIM standards can I be audited against?

DNV GL can audit your compliance with the following BIM standards:  
  • BS 1192:2007 - collaborative production of architectural, engineering and construction information – Code of practice

  • PAS 1192-2:2013 – the most widely used BIM standard. It covers the project delivery phase of a building’s life. It sets out a framework for consistent collaborative working and information management so that everyone involved in the project originates, manages and exchanges information about the building in the same way, using a common data environment.

  • PAS 1192-3:2014 – provides guidance to asset managers on long-term information management while the built asset is in operation.  

  • BS 1192-4:2014 – defines expectations around how information is exchanged across the life of the built asset

  • PAS 1192-5:2015 – covers what’s required to create and sustain a security-minded approach to building information asset management.

Why is certification good for my business?

BIM leads to more efficient working, less waste and quicker projects. Moreover, Level 2 BIM is now a condition of contract on all public sector projects in the UK, and is increasingly mandated on private sector builds and internationally.  Organisations that can demonstrate compliance through certification will take their place in supply chains that enjoy: 

  • Quicker, more efficient projects
  • Improved collaboration
  • Better decision making
  • Greater resource efficiency
  • Lower costs
  • More profits 

You should seek certification because more and more it’s a question of get on board with BIM or miss out badly. Where do I go from here? 

DNV GL is a third party certification body providing high quality BIM certification services. To be certified you need to show us that you comply with the requirements of the relevant BIM standard(s). 

Contact us now and we’ll get you started on the road to BIM certification.

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