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Companies are increasingly held accountable for how they manage corporate governance risks. Through our governance expertise and investor insight, we help companies understand and manage their risk exposure.

A Corporate Governance Assessment is an effective way to communicate your company's compliance and integrity to investors, creditors, regulators, business partners, insurers and other stakeholders. An assessment by an independent party can help manage investor expectations and signal your commitment to sound corporate governance. This can in turn reduce your cost of capital and support your share price, as it enables well-governed companies to capitalise on the premium investors are willing to pay for good governance.

What is a Corporate Governance Assessment?

A Corporate Governance Assessment assists in prioritising risk management activities internally in line with your business objectives and strategy. It facilitates benchmarking and differentiation of your performance against similar companies. Our assessment analyses your company's risk profile in seven areas: 

  • Governance policy and business ethics 
  • Risk management processes 
  • Ownership structure and control 
  • Reporting, audit, and verification 
  • Board structure and management 
  • Board and executive compensation 
  • Investor rights and relations 

The assessment measures how well your company is managing corporate governance risks by evaluating the overall effectiveness of your internal governance controls. It answers the question: "Is management running the company in the interests of its investors and other key stakeholders and disclosing all information relevant to their interests?"

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