Helicopter risk assessment

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Risk assessment and other safety studies of helicopter operations

Helicopter accidents are a major source of risk for people who fly regularly by helicopter. In the offshore oil & gas industry, there have been several multiple-fatality helicopter accidents over the last decade. While the industry has significantly reduced risks, further improvement is always needed. The climate of cost-reduction and risk aversion makes it essential that major changes are cost-effective and supported by the people who are at risk. 

DNV GL offers safety studies of diverse helicopter operations. We can use either qualitative or quantitative techniques of risk assessment, drawing on our experience in working for the aviation and oil & gas industries. 

Our helicopter safety services include:

  • Safety reviews of helicopter operating practices
  • Analyses of accident risk trends and differences between helicopter types
  • Comparisons of transport by helicopter and crew-boat
  • Risk tools for rapid evaluation of offshore transport concepts
  • Risk assessments of operations on non-standard helidecks
  • Cost-benefit analyses of fire-protection arrangements on helidecks
  • Risk-based provision of search & rescue services
  • Formal safety assessment of helicopter landing areas for emergency evacuation.

DNV GL has over 30 years of experience in safety assessments of helicopter transport. Our customers include helicopter operators, oil & gas companies, industry bodies and regulatory authorities.

What you get

  • Established expertise in helicopter risk assessment
  • Consistent standards world-wide
  • Focus on practical risk-based solutions.

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