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A certification scheme where you demonstrate that your product or material conforms to a standard.

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Product mark

Overview of Scheme:

Consider Type Test Scheme Certification when your organization wishes to demonstrate through third party certification that a particular product or material conforms to a standard. The process of certification involves design evaluation and independent testing to determine product compliance with the standard.

Product samples will be independently selected for type testing in accordance with the nominated standard or specification.  The product is tested for compliance with the relevant product standard or specification preferably by a laboratory holding relevant Accreditation for the tests concerned in agreement with the Client.

The test report and any other relevant documents will be reviewed by ISC for compliance with the Standard or specification.

Following successful evaluation the applicant is issued with a formal certificate of conformity identifying the product models subject to the certification and the related standard/s. Type Test certificates are valid for a period of 3 years unless otherwise nominated by a regulator or industry body.


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