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DNV GL provides safety and risk assessment services for multi-modal transport of people and dangerous goods

The transport of people and goods exposes businesses and communities to small but ever-changing risks. DNV GL helps manage these risks. We work for transport operators, equipment manufacturers, industry bodies and regulatory authorities, in diverse activities including:
  • Dangerous goods transport by road, rail, pipeline, air, inland waterways and sea
  • Public transport by aircraft, ferry, cruise vessel, river boat, bus, train, light rail and underground
  • Transport of workers by aircraft, helicopter, coach and crew-boat
  • Transfer from shore to ship, from crew-boat to wind turbine, from helicopter to offshore installation, from train to platform etc.
  • Cross-modal interactions at railway level crossings, motorway bridges, pipeline excavations, aircraft refuelling etc.

We can draw on DNV GL expertise from oil & gas, maritime, railway, aviation, business and energy sectors. We conduct appropriate safety services such as:

  • Hazard identification workshops
  • Safety audits
  • Accident frequency analysis
  • Quantitative risk assessment (QRA)
  • Development of transport risk criteria
  • Safety case development.
What you get
  • Consultancy and software-based solutions
  • Access to industry-leading expertise
  • Inter-modal risk comparisons
  • Cost-effective risk mitigation strategies.

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Stuart Greenfield

Stuart Greenfield

Senior Principal Consultant

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