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How to get value from your data

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Training Information

  • Duration:

    1 or 2 days

Course planning

June 14, 2019
Arnhem, the Netherlands
EUR 900

Your business generates more data today than it used to a few years ago. 

Our new training course on data management teaches you how to handle this data so that it adds value and prevents data quality issues. 

Our data quality and data management specialists from our Data Management Competence Centre designed this training course to provide a framework for creating and utilising data to gain business advantage. The course material was compiled over a long period through both internal and customer project work. During the course, you will learn how to apply data management methods and tools to put your business ahead of your competitors. 

The course takes a practical approach to data quality & data management and you will learn how to use the methods and tools presented. We will be testing these on real life examples so that you become familiar with how to handle your own data. 


  • Trends and concepts
  • Common terminology for data quality and data management 
  • How to organise your data 
  • How to find, recognise and review data
  • How to fix and prevent data quality issues
  • How to get value from your data
  • Business impact and value of data 
  • Return on investment

Target Audience:
This course is aimed at those creating, capturing and analysing data, such as data stewards, data owners, data architects, IT managers, business data owners, chief data officers and those responsible for master data management.

For more information and for registration, please refer to the leaflet and registration form

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Customized courses
On request, the Energy Academy can also provide in-house training and customize the course to cover your own data and data management system. Content, location and duration of the course can be adapted to your specific wishes. Please contact us for more information.