ISO 55001 Asset Management Foundation Training

What if you could optimise and improve the management of your business assets

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Training Information

  • Duration:

    1 Day

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    $500 + GST

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    ISO 55001:2014, Asset Management, QMS Training

Why Asset Management?
Good asset management is becoming a normal expectation in mature organisations around the world.  The overall aim of the ISO 55000 series is to assist an organisation in optimising and improving the management of business assets.

What are the components of Asset Management?

Asset Management involves the coordinated and optimised planning, asset selection, acquisition/development, utilisation, care (maintenance) and ultimate disposal or renewal o​f the appropriate assets and asset systems.

Whether the assets are physical, financial, human or ‘intangible’, good asset management maximises the value-for-money and satisfaction of stakeholder expectations.

DNV GL’s Modern Risk Management (MRM) Professional Development Programme

The ISO 55001 Asset Management Foundation Course is part of DNV GLs Modern Risk Management (MRM) Professional Development Programme. MRM is designed to improve risk competence and understanding of HSEQ so that professionals and organisations can strengthen their control over loss.

Key Industries Benefiting From This Training Course Include

1.      ​Construction

2.      Transport

3.      Power, Water and Utilities

4.      Environmental

5.      Mining, Resources and Energy

6.      Telecommunications

Additional Elements to Modern Risk Management Training Include

1.    Leadership

2.    Managing Risk

3.    Risk Recognition, Evaluation, Control and Monitoring

4.    Culture and Behaviour

5.    Maintenance and Inspections

6.    Change Management

7.    Communications

8.    Changing Behaviour

9.    Contractor Management

10.   Emergency Preparedness

11.   Learning From Events

12.   Monitoring, Measuring and Review

Asset Management Foundation Training - ISO 55001:2014

Classroom Workshop Style

  • Time
  • 08:30 -9:00

    Registration and Coffee

  • 09:00 -10:00

    Session 1: Asset Management Overview

    • Overview of Asset Management

    • Key elements of the ISO 55000 series of standards

  • 10:00 -10:30

    Coffee Break

  • 10:30 -12:15

    Session 2: A Deeper Look

    • Defining the principles to the standard
    • Key terminology associated with the standard

  • 12:15 -13:00
  • 13:00 -14:45

    Session 3: Unraveling the High Level Structure

    • High Level Structure as applied in ISO 55001
    • Understanding how ISO 55001 can be applied to a variety of organisations and sectors

  • 14:45 -15:15

    Coffee Break

  • 15:15 -17:00

    Session 4: Understanding ISO 55001

    • Understanding auditor interpretation of management systems and ISO 55001
    • A workshop activity to clarify key elements of the standard