Training - Food Safety Modernisation Act, USA - Are you ready?

Do you know that from the 16th September 2016 – it is MANDATORY for an organisation exporting food products* to the USA to have an APPROVED FOOD SAFETY PLAN? This plan needs to be approved by a Preventive Control Qualified Individual (PCQI).

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14th - 16th February 2017

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    2.5 days

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How prepared is your business to conform to the requirements of FSMA?
DNV GL is offering training for: 'FSPCA Preventive Control for Human Foods' to support organisations on their journey to conform to the requirements of the Food Safety Modernisation Act which will become law on 16th September 2016 - for organisations with more than 500 employees. (Deadline for smaller organisations is 16th September 2017.) 

Date: 14th - 16th February 2017  
Venue: TBC, Blackfriars, London  

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What is needed: 
Each manufacturing site needs to have or access to a food safety professional who has received the required training to approve their food safety plan (for organisations with more than 500 employees; deadline for smaller organsations with less than 500 employees is 16 September 2017.) The training course outlined is one route to meet the requirements for a preventive controls qualified individual. 

What are implications for your organisation:
Based on FSMA, the company who intend to export to the USA must implement a Food Safety Plan (in local language and English) prepared by an approved Preventive Control Qualified Individual (PCQI).

The responsibilities of the PCQI include, to oversee or perform:

  1. Preparation of the Food Safety Plan
  2. Validation of the preventive controls
  3. Records review
  4. Re-analysis of the Food Safety Plan, and other activities as appropriate to the food.

There are some key requirements for FSMA which need to be identified and implemented, with records of compliance to allow the organisation to be prepared for a FDA inspection. For organisations who are currently working to stringent food safety requirements, as detailed in BRC, FSSC, IFS, SQF and other food certification schemes – they will already be familiar with the level of detail and controls which are needed to demonstrate food safety compliance. DNV GL through this training will inform and highlight these requirements. Through worked examples, mentor delegates through these additional and specific requirements with the objective of allowing organisation to be prepared.

Course Content:
  • Introduction to Preventive Control
  • Food Safety Plan overview as per FSMA
  • Potential hazards including economically motivated food safety hazards
  • Developing your food safety plan
  • Hazard analysis and preventive control identification
  • Process control
  • Sanitation preventive controls
  • Food Allergen preventive controls
  • Supply Chain preventive controls
  • FSMA 2011 Regulation Overview

Who should attend:
  • Organisations exporting to the UK
  • Food Safety Team Leaders
  • Quality Managers
  • Consultants
  • 3rd party auditors

*Click here to view product categories which are exempt from these requirements of FSMA

Next course: 14th - 16th February 2017